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There's no denying Oolacile is one of the most exciting acts at the cutting edge of bass music. With consistently innovative productions, incredible sound design and complex arrangements, he is undoubtedly one of the most innovative producers to touch the Dubstep genre. With releases under his belt from top industry labels such as SMOG, Disciple & Never Say Die, artist support from the likes of 12th Planet, Figure, Kill the Noise, to say a few as well as airplay on the prolific BBC Radio 1, Sirus and XM radio this producer has cemented himself as a household name in the electronic music community. With a rapidly growing worldwide fan base, Oolacile is at the forefront of the ever evolving Dubstep and bass music world. With the impact he has made on the scene over the years there is no guessing what he will come up with next.

"Really Digging Oolacile right now, starting to get to the point where when I see his name I get excited, and whenever I hear a tune I like, its got his name on it. Love that."
- Flux Pavillion
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